You can relax, knowing that Glynn County FECU's convenient and courteous services make your life easier.

Internet Banking

Free Internet Banking, Check your account balances, transfer funds between accounts, and make loan payments at your convenience.

Internet Bill Pay

Save time and the cost of stamps with our internet Bill Pay. Bill pay is free with direct deposit (Minimum requirement is three checks per month)

Direct Deposit

Your payroll, Social Security, pension or any recurring check can be deposited directly into your savings or checking account.

Payroll Deduction

Set aside a specific amount from each paycheck to be automatically deposited into any of your credit union accounts.

Automatic Loan Payments

Glynn County FECU can set up automatic loan payments through payroll deduction.

Notary Service

On-site notary

For business or personal reasons, we all have the need for a notary service at some point in our life. Look no further than your nearest Glynn County FECU office. 1.50 for the first page and 0.50 for each page thereafter.

Payment protection

Gap insurance

Newly purchased vehicles depreciate rapidly the moment they’re driven off the dealer’s lot. GAP insurance helps provide financial security between an auto insurance settlement and remaining loan balance.

Mechanical repair coverage

Our members are holding on to vehicles longer. To help protect their loan investment by minimizing the impact of unexpected repair bills with coverage that meets today’s needs.

Credit life and credit disability on consumer loans

Helps give our members peace-of-mind knowing they have the ability to meet their loan obligations if income is lost to death or disability.

Additional services include:
  • Money orders
  • Cash Advance Program
  • 24/7 Audio Response 1-800-463-1854

Privacy Policy

Routing Number: 261272648